Cha bo Da Nang (grilled beef patty)

Cha bo is a specialty which many visitors looking to buy when coming to Da Nang. Cha bo Da Nang is famous all over the country for its delicious flavor. Cha bo is made from 100% of fresh beef, the meat chosen is the beef thigh with the tendon removed then ground well. The special thing is no other ingredients as well as preservative is added except spices. Therefore, cha bo has its particular pink color and smell as well as a strong, sweet and crispy taste.

If you intend to buy cha bo Da Nang as a gift, you can refer to some of the following famous addresses: Mrs Huong’s Cha Bo restaurant – No. 4 Hoang Dieu street; Cha bo Sai Doi – No. 106/2 Ngo Gia Tu street; Mrs Ngoc’s Cha Bo restaurant – No. 54 Ha Huy Tap street.

Da Nang beef jerky and deer jerky (venison jerky)

Beef jerky and deer jerky are very common dishes, however for different regions they have different taste due to the difference in the way of processing and spices. Beef jerky and deer jerky here are processed with traditional secret of Da Nang people with natural spices such as saffron, ginger, fresh chili, garlic, etc. They are handmade from 100% pure beef and venison so they have a completely different delicious and strong taste.

Some of the addresses that you can buy jerkey in Da nang are: 144 Lê Van Hien street, Da Nang; 12 Hoang Hoa Tham street, Da Nang; Con market – Ong Ich Khiem road; Han market.