Being consider as a “heaven’s lute” and famous for its wild and pristine beauty, Cua Sot is rhythmically beautiful beach in central Vietnam, attracting thousands of tourist turns annually. Once visiting here, you will surely be attracted by clean coast, golden sand and blue water. Only in Cua Sot – Ha Tinh could tourists feel the touch of the sea through the waves or the wind blowing tree leaves against mountain cliffs and creating sweet melodies. You can also relax yourself by going boat sailing or shipping to En Island and Boc Island, where have fascinating rocks.

After enjoying the fantastic land with refreshing moments, you can go up to Thien Cam Mountain, explore the architecture style of the 13th century and contemplate the famous set of painting called “The Kings of Hell’s Ten Palaces” in Yen Lac Pagoda or walk along the beach to the North to visit 500 years old fishing village Cua Nhuong and do not forget to taste fish sauce at least once time if you are a fan of cuisine.

Ha Tinh is also famous for eco-tourism tours to Ke Go Nature Reserve. It is completely surrounded by forest with precious special of flora as well as rare and endangered species of fauna inhabiting the area.

Besides, if tourists want to discover Vietnam’s history, Dong Loc Road Junction is an important destination that cannot be forgotten to visit. Coming here, you will have a chance to know about a historical story of the anti-US war and admire a monument engraved with the names of the ten heroines.

Last but not least, people who adore cuisines can taste numerous gifts of the nature such as lobster, squid, Cu Ky bird, Nhuong fish source, and so forth, which are of uniqueness in Ha Tinh. The other distinctive feature of Ha Tinh is Cu Do, which has peanut brittle, in a sticky honey and sugar treacle, infused with ginger and squeezed between two slices of rice cracker, definitely the worthy gift for your family and friends.

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