Can Tho rivers seem not to be so special in a fugitive thought, but once you have planned to take your wedding photos here, there will be so many wonderful places with amazing scenery that you may not know. Let’s discover the best wedding photography locations in this Western Capital with Vinpearl!

Ninh Kieu Whaft

Ninh Kieu Whaft has long become the “tourism symbol” of the Western Capital - the land of “white rice and pure water”. With a poetic scenery, this is usually the first stop of many couples when coming to Can Tho for their wedding photo album. If you choose this unique location, your wedding photo album will have a typical character of the Western Region and also be very unique with a style of the land of rivers and water; and it will be outstanding out of other albums with nowadays modern trend. If you love the peaceful and poetic Hau River, come to Ninh Kieu Wharf - where can make your photos more “colorful”.

Cai Rang floating market

It is said that if you come to the Western Region without going to Cai Rang floating market (Can Tho), you are considered to have never been there; and if you come to the Western Region for your wedding photo album without taking photos at Cai Rang floating market, your album will be lack of the most unique sketch of the outdoor scenery. The trading scene on the river at Cai Rang floating market will help your wedding photo album more vivid, cute and very true to life. Instead of expensive wedding dress and suit, the bride and groom simply need South Vietnamese pajamas and bandanna as the local people to have beautiful, cute and impressive photos.

Bang Lang Stork Garden

You surely have heard of Bang Lang Stork Garden in Thot Not district if you once come to Can Tho. This is one of the largest bird grounds in Mekong Delta. The purple blooming crape myrtle trees along the banks of the river, the scene when flocks of stork flying out to find food in the early morning and flying back home in the sunset will definitely bring you the most unique wedding photo album with amazing scenery of the nature.

Binh Thuy ancient house

If you want to take classical style photos, do not forget to visit Binh Thuy ancient house - the most beautiful ancient house in Western Region on Bui Huu Nghia street, Binh Thuy ward. With the combination of the two cultures of the East and West in the French style as well as the beautiful patterns, the house brings a typical ancient feature which only exists in Can Tho. Coming to Binh Thuy ancient house, in addition to the purpose of keeping memories of happy moments, you two can also immerse yourselves in the ancient beauty to truly experience the daily life of our ancestors.

Vinpearl Can Tho Hotel

Vinpearl Can Tho Hotel with an Asian contemporary design, reflects itself in the water of the peaceful and simple Hau River creating a vibrant new look but still poetic of the Western Capital land. Coming to Can Tho, remember to visit Vinpearl Can Tho Hotel to take photos of the memory when you are together walking along the shop houses with beautiful flowers or at the swimming pool on the sixth floor with the panoramic view of Hau River and Can Tho city.

There are some small tips for your outdoor wedding photo album: You should prepare one more pair of flat shoes to avoid foot pain when you move too much on high heels; Check your hair and makeup to make sure it does not fade away or smudge your face because of sweating; Choose the right clothes, avoid too complicated outfits to not waste too much time for changing; Proactively propose your ideas to the photo team to have the most satisfied album.

Wish you lots of beautiful wedding photos for the most important day in Can Tho, the land of “white rice and pure water”!

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