Linh fish, Dien Dien flowers - A common rural dish 

The best time to enjoy linh fish is at the beginning of the season, because at this time, the fish has not yet fully grown, the bone is still soft and there is fat in the belly so that it makes the fish more tasty. Mentioning Linh fish, it is impossible not to mention the flowers also associated with flooding season - Dien Dien flowers, a type of yellow flower blooming all over the rivers, swamps and rice fields. The flavor of this flower is also very special: crispy, sweet-smelling, tasty, fat and very flavory so it is used by the Southwestern people in many traditional dishes that only exist in this land.

At the beginning of the flooding season, the premature Linh fish appears at the riverhead lands such as Thot Not (Can Tho province) or Tan Chau, An Phu (Dong Thap province). Anyone who has tried this fish will never forget the fresh and delicious taste of the fish flesh which is so typical that cannot be mistaken.

Linh fish and Dien Dien flowers hotpot 

The Linh fish and Dien dien hotpot dish was invented incidentally. In the flooding season, food is usually much rarer than other seasons, therefore, the people here has thought of using Linh fish to make soup, hotpot then taking Dien dien flowers as an alternative to other types of vegetable. Later, based on this combination, Western people has added more spices to make delicious Linh fish and Dien dien flowers hotpot with a typical style of the river land.

In order to prepare a delicious Linh fish hotpot, you should choose very fresh Linh fish, gut them thoroughly then marinate the fish with garlic, pepper, sugar and salt for about 10 minutes. Chop a fresh coconut and pour the coconut water into a pot, add a few tablespoons of fish sauce, some sugar and tamarind in. Then put in some fried garlic, scrap, sawtooth coriander and cook until it boils. Linh fish is quite tender and can be cook very quickly, so you can put them into the pot whenever the dish is served. While enjoying the fish, you can dip the flowers into the boiling broth and feel its crunchy and sweet taste.

This distinctive delicious dish is due to the mixture of the sweet of Linh fish, the sour, the fragrant aroma and the crunchy flavor from Sesbania Sesban flowers. Linh fish hotpot can be served with fresh rice noodles or hot boiled white rice; a saucer of fish sauce and chili is also indispensable for this special dish. Those who have eaten this dish cannot deny its delicious flavor, especially, the people of the Western land always deeply miss this dish every time when the flooding season comes. 

Linh fish stew with peppers 

Linh fish stew with peppers is a famous and special dish of the Western land in the flooding season. Those who have once tried this dish will never forget the warm and sweet taste of the fish combining with the hot taste of peppers and the aroma of green onions.

To make a Linh fish stew with peppers dish with the right taste, the people here usually choose the freshest Linh fish, gut them thoroughly then marinate with sugar, salt, peppers and liquid caramel in about 10 minutes. Then, the fish is put into an earthen pot and added with some fish sauce and water; the pot is kept boiling for about 15-20 minutes to make it a little dry. Finally, put some green onions and red peppers on the fish to have the aroma and a mild hot taste. Linh fish stew with peppers can be served with both hot or cold white rice.  This dish is usually served with water-lily, sliced banana trunk or banana flower, pickles from Dien dien flowers or morning glory vegetable or sweet potato buds, boiled Dayflower vegetable or wild water lemon sprout, etc.

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