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Try one of a kind dishes in Thanh Hoa!


Try one of a kind dishes in Thanh Hoa!


14:47 - 30.04.2020

For foodies, no trip to Thanh Hoa would be complete without discovering the local gastronomic specialties. Aside from the charming ancient villages and tourist attractions, Thanh Hoa’s cuisine is also quite striking thanks to its diverse culinary scope, ranging from simplistic dishes that can be found at any street-side restaurant to the most luxurious venues.

From popular local dishes

Dishes like eel congee and stir-fried noodles with eel make 54 Tan An Street an ideal place for sampling eel. A bowl of hot and spicy eel soup with tender slices of eel or a bowl of eel noodles costs around 30,000 VND++. Instead of starting their day with a bowl of pho or bun bo, for the people of Thanh Hoa, the perfect breakfast is a hot bowl of eel congee.

If you are familiar with Nghe An eel congee, it may surprise you to see that Thanh Hoa eel congee is worlds apart with more broth and tons of eel. What makes the eel congee in Thanh Hoa stand above the rest is its bold flavor that comes from garnishes like fried onion, cilantro and sesame pancakes.

Another must-try delicious dish is Nhch (a local paddy field eel) salad, a popular delicacy in the countryside of Nga Son, Thanh Hoa. The highlight of Nga Son Nhệch salad is its cho sauce made from ground fish bones that are boiled down with fermented rice and other characteristic spices. The combination of Nhệch, chẻo and fresh vegetables creates a flavorful sensation full of protein.

Nhệch salad, a specialty of Nga Son, Thanh Hoa. Photo credit:


And if you love snacks, tiny shrimp cakes (bánh khoái tép) are a great choice, especially on cold days (much like the Vietnamese crepe, bánh xèo, in southern Vietnam). This culinary masterpiece includes ordinary rice, fresh tiny paddy shrimp, a combination of parsley, cabbage, spices blended with rich fish sauce, and pickled fruits and vegetables made from papaya, carrots and figs. These mouthwatering cakes of tiny shrimp are both appetizing and cheap at only 5,000 – 10,000 VND++/cake. You can enjoy delicious cakes at many of the little restaurants along Truong Thi and Dao Duy Tu streets or the Vuon Hoa Market.

to tasty traveling food carts

One of the most exciting dining habits of the Vietnamese is feasting at a sidewalk restaurant or a traveling food cart.

When exploring Thanh Hoa, don’t miss out on the chance to try steaming hot Bánh Đúc with its easily recognizable green color from one of the traveling food carts all over the city.

The special art of crafting this Vietnamese cake requires meticulous preparation and patient techniques, especially when washing the rice and grinding it into flour for baking. In particular, juices from sweet leaf and Chinese cabbage are the main ingredients that give the dish its signature green color.

You can find Bánh Đúc everywhere in Thanh Hóa. Photo credit: Báo Thanh Hóa


Often served with fried onions, this eye-catching snack will surely arouse each of your senses.

And experience culinary refinement at Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa

Sourcing both unique regional ingredients and local recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation, the talented chefs at Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa’s top three restaurants—Orchid, Lotus and the Panoramic Lounge—have elevated Thanh Hoa cuisine to a level that is at once sophisticated, yet still local.

At Lotus Restaurant, located on the 6th floor of Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa, don’t forget to try Bún chả (grilled pork and noodles) and the remarkable Chả tôm (grilled shrimp rolls) to experience the exceptional quality of Thanh Hoa shrimp.

Bún chả is made from minced pork that is rolled and grilled over charcoal and served with vermicelli, light fish sauce mixed with pickled vegetables, and a dash of pepper and sliced ​​chilies. Chả tôm is made from freshly caught shrimp that is then ground together with pork belly, dried onions and spices for the perfect seasoning. Next, this mixture is combined with gấc fruits (a variety of Vietnamese melon) or cashews before stir-frying over high heat.

Don’t miss the chance to try Chả tôm at Lotus Restaurant in Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa

And if you’re looking to try fresh seafood caught from the nearby beaches (such as Sam Son or Hai Tien), you can rendezvous at Orchid Restaurant. Here, you can also try other signature local dishes such as shrimp rolls, spring rolls and especially a buffet menu including both Asian and Western specialties cooked by the 5-star chefs of Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa.

And to end a perfect starry evening, why not contemplate the whole city at night while sipping on a Nem chua cocktail at the Skyview Bar on the 34th floor? Yes, you have heard that right! The Vietnamese name of this signature cocktail literally means fermented pork roll cocktail! This is the very own creation of the Skyview Bar that combines alcohol and familiar spices often used in local cuisine, such as Ming aralia leaves, garlic, pepper, chiliesbringing a familiar yet unexpected flavor only found at Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa.

Skyview Bar, the only place you can try Nem chua cocktail all over the world


If you are looking for a convenient hotel for your foodie trip, Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa is an ideal location right on the main street of the city. From here, it’s only a short stroll to the local hotspots. Especially, with 3 restaurants and 2 bars (Lobby Bar and Skyview Bar), you will have plenty of choices for unforgettable culinary moments overlooking the heart of the city.

And one thing is for sure: you won’t find any of these mentioned dishes in any Vietnamese restaurant around the world, as no dish would be complete without the special local ingredients of Thanh Hoa.

Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa: 27 Tran Phu Street, Dien Bien ward, Thanh Hoa City


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