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Travel trends among young people in the Industry 4.0 era


Travel trends among young people in the Industry 4.0 era


11:22 - 29.04.2020

Travel is gradually becoming one of the indispensable treats of a modern life. People pick up their backpacks and hit the road – finding new and peaceful places to relieve stress, cope with fatigue, sadness in life and at work or just simply for relaxation. Follow this article to unveil this travel trend among young people these days.


  1. Solo travel

This can be said to be a rising travel trend among young people these days, especially for women. Women are becoming more and more independent and are creating a foothold in society. Discovering new things by themselves is another way for women to prove their independence and strong minds.

Insta: le_nhi_le

Choosing solo travel does not mean that a person has no friends, it is simply one’s preference to go alone, to independently plan a vacation, to explore and learn interesting and unique things during the trip and especially to focus more on having relaxing moments for themselves. Moreover, solo travel can help expand one’s social network as travellers will often make more friends during the trip.

Insta: sandyy-tr

With the help of technology, travelling and gaining experiences has never been so easy



  1. Backpacking

For many people, travelling is not only about visiting and exploring new places or about understanding different cultures. It is also about finding moments of relaxation and peace, helping get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Insta: Caterinaporcari

They are more interested in the experiences they get during the trips. They do not want to be confined by a scheduled itinerary, many young people make travel plans by themselves, making it a memorable trip.

Insta: Gusli_musli

It can be a long-day trip through many different localities or a short camping trip. Either one is enough to enjoy the beautiful views from all the roads of the country.

Insta: mc_aisangktv

With just a few pieces of cloth, a few simple belongings and a sum of money, you can pack your backpack and hit the road. Young people that travel this way are those who often enjoy having fun, exploring new lands and experiencing interesting places with their friends in all the roads of the country.



  1. Independent travel

In the era of modern technology development, information is always updated fully, quickly and thoroughly. Therefore, many young people have planned for their own trips. They look up the information needed and prepare everything for their own memorable trip.

You can book accommodation and tickets through websites such as or Alternatively, you can check information on reviews posted on social media by young bloggers who have travelled to the destination.

Insta: @ppano0705

This trend helps young people to be more proactive and confident to cope with difficulties throughout their discovery journey. Moreover, they can avoid the service charges they are supposed to pay when taking a tour through a travel agency. All this while still having a wonderful trip.



  1. Check-in travel

It is undeniable that the first thing to define a place as a ‘HOT travel destination must be its beautiful and eye-catching location. This is followed by the weather pattern, foods, etc. The age of Industry 4.0 is the age of technology, where most of people use social media. Every post in any platform can spread widely in just a wink of an eye. Many young people today are fascinated by beautiful locations shared on the internet and they want to check out the places in real life.

Insta: diemhuong

Young people capture memories in romantic views, nice hotels with delicious food. Their photos are also carefully invested and added with a couple of lines reviewing their trip. These kinds of posts have received a lot of attention from the travelholic community.


If you are young, don’t hesitate to travel more and gain experiences, to explore, understand and enjoy more.

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