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Terms & Conditions 

The Terms & Conditions apply to Guests and Partners, defined as those who use or book services at any hotel or resort, (”Hotel”), under the Vinpearl Luxury, Vinpearl, Vinpearl Discovery or VinOasis brands, owned, managed and/or operated by Vinpearl now and in the future. Guests, Partners and Vinpearl shall be referred to individually as the “Party” or collectively as “Parties” in the Terms & Conditions. 
Guests/ Partners agree and acknowledge that by sending Vinpearl a Reservation Request or Banquet Event Order (“Service Request”), confirmed by Vinpearl, that Guests and Partners have read and accepted these Terms & Conditions and any amendments to these Terms & Conditions published on the official website of Vinpearl, as and when, at (“Website”) as well as service policies and quotations as announced by Vinpearl. 
The Terms & Conditions shall constitute an integral part of the Contract between Vinpearl and Guests/Partners (“Contract”). 

1.1. “Vinpearl” means Vinpearl Joint Stock Company and its branches, representative offices and places of business in Vietnam. 
1.2. “Terms & Conditions”: Terms that Guests shall comply with during their stay at Hotel and use of Hotel Services, and are subject to amendments or supplementations by Vinpearl from time to time as available on Website. 
1.3. “Reservation Request”: Requests by Guests/ Partners for room reservations, vouchers or other services, completed by filling in the reservation request and confirmation template issued together with these Terms & Conditions. 
1.4. “Banquet Event Order”: 'Requests by Guests/Partners for events at a Hotel, completed by filling in a banquet event order issued together with these Terms & Conditions. 
1.5. “Service Cancellation Request” ”: Requests by Guests/Partners for a cancellation of room or event bookings, completed by filling in a service cancellation request issued together with these Terms & Conditions. 
1.6. “Guest”: End-user of Vinpearl services, who does not subcontract such services to any other individuals or organisations. 
1.7. “Partner”: Travel Agent/Tour Operator/Company/Organisation… (not individuals). 
1.8. “FIT”:  Guest(s) who make(s) reservation(s) for a maximum of nine rooms per night. 
1.9. “Group”: One group of guests who make a reservation for a minimum of ten rooms per night or five villas per night. 
1.10. “Series Group”: A Group makes reservations for at least three groups with the same schedule. 
1.11. “Room Package”: Reservation Request for BB; HB; FB; BBV; BBVS; BBW; FBV; FBVS, FBW; or any other service package as announced by Vinpearl from time to time. 
1.12. “Bed and Breakfast” or “BB”: Room Package with breakfast included for each night's stay. 
1.13. “Half-board” or “HB”: Room Package two meals included per day. 
1.14. “Full-board” or “FB”: Room Package with three meals breakfast, lunch and dinner, included per day, with dinner on the check-in date and breakfast and lunch on the check-out date. 
1.15. “Bed and Breakfast with Vinpearl Land” or “BBV”: Room Package with breakfast plus unlimited access to Vinpearl Land for two adults, per room, per night.  
1.16. “Bed and Breakfast with Vinpearl Land and Vinpearl Safari” or “BBVS”: Room Package with breakfast and unlimited access to Vinpearl Land and Vinpearl Safari for two adults, per room, per night.   
1.17. “Bed and Breakfast with Water Park” or “BBW”: Room Package with breakfast and unlimited access to the Hotel Water Park for two adults, per room, per night. 
1.18. “Full-board with Vinpearl Land” or “FBV”: Room Package with three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and unlimited access to Vinpearl Land for two adults, per room, per night, with dinner on check-in date, and breakfast and lunch on check-out date. 
1.19. “Full-board with Vinpearl Land and Vinpearl Safari” or “FBVS”: Room Package with three meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner, and unlimited access to Vinpearl Land and Vinpearl Safari for two adults, per room, per night, with dinner on check-in date and breakfast and lunch on check-out date. 
1.20. “Full-board with Water Park” or “FBW”: Room Package with three meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner, and unlimited access to Hotel Water Park for two adults, per room, per night.  
1.21. “Room Package Rate”: Rate for one room per nightnight and services listed in that Room Package. 
1.22. “Services”: Include, but not limited to, rooms, F&B, events, transportation, recreation and others provided by Vinpearl to a Partner/Guest from time to time. 
1.23. “Total Service Charge”: Includes total Room Package Rate for entire stay and any extra Services not included in the Room Package. 
1.24. “Voucher”: A pre-paid Services voucher in physical or electronic form, issued by Vinpearl, to recognise Voucher owner’s right to use a Room Package. Use of a Voucher must comply with these Terms & Conditions and the specific provisions of each Voucher. 
1.25. “Booking Cancellation/ Reduction”: Changes to a Reservation Request include, but are not limited to, amendments to check-in date, reduction in number of rooms and/or number of nights booked and confirmed by Vinpearl. 
1.26. “Weekend”: Fridays and Saturdays and Sundays. 
1.27. “Weekdays”: Sunday through to Thursday, inclusive.  
1.28. “Day”: A calendar day. 
1.29. “No-Show”: Defined as when a Guest does not check in on 23:59 PM at the check-in date or 5:00 AM on the next day of check-in date due to flight delay or at another time as informed by a Guest/ Partner. In this event, the booked room will be released into system for sale, with no notice to the aforementioned Guest/ Partner. 
1.30. “Rooming List”: Roster of guests and room arrangements by Guest/ Partner. 
Unless otherwise agreed, or provided by Vinpearl policies, a Guest who uses a Voucher issued by Vinpearl must comply with these Terms & Conditions, any other specific provisions of the Voucher and/or any relevant service provision policies of Vinpearl that are valid at the time the Guest uses a Voucher. An original Voucher must be presented and collected on check-in and failure to do so will result in standard rates being applied. 

3.1. Check-in: 
3.1.1. Check-in time is from 2:00 PM at a Hotel on the arrival date. Rooms requiring earlier check-in, (but no earlier than 12:00 PM on the arrival date), will require preregistration, as confirmed by the Hotel, subject to availability. 
3.1.2. Early check-in, before 6:00 AM, will be charged at 100% of the purchased Room Package Rate. 
3.1.3. Early check-in between 6:00 AM and 12:00 PM will be charged at 50% of purchased Room Package Rate. 
3.1.4. Payment for an early check-in charge must be made on receipt of a Hotel booking confirmation. 
3.2. Check-out: 
3.2.1. Check-out time is no later than 12:00 PM, unless otherwise requested and confirmed by a Hotel. 
3.2.2. Late check-out is available, subject to availability and confirmation by a Hotel, and is charged as follows: 50% of Room Package Rate for late check-out between 12:00 PM and 18:00 PM; 100% of Room Package Rate for late check-out after 18:00 PM. 
3.2.3. Once check–in formalities have been completed, a Guest will be charged the Room Package Rate for the full duration of the reserved stay, regardless of whether a Guest checks-out earlier than planned.  
3.3.  Early check-in and late check-out charges will be charged at, (i) standard Vinpearl rates of Vinpearl directly to Vinpearl or (ii) contractual rate as agreed between Vinpearl and a Partner, whereby payment is being made by a Partner. 

4.1.  All Service requests and Rooming Lists of a Guest/Partner are to be sent to Vinpearl via email or in written form prior to check-in. 
4.2. In the event a Guest (including FITs and one or more groups) makes a booking through a Partner to share a Vinpearl villa, that Partner must ensure that: 
a.         The Partner has informed all Guests that the Villa is to be shared with one or more other Guests that have made a booking via that Partner; and 
b.         All Guests agree and sign before check-in to confirm their stay will be in a shared villa, and that they will be responsible for their personal belongings and other personal matters prior to check-in. 
Vinpearl shall be exempted from all responsibilities related to the resolution of conflicts/ disputes among Guests staying in shared villas. 
4.3. Accommodation: 
4.4.1.  Max no. of Guests per Hotel Room (excluding villas): 
04 Guests: 03 adults & 01 child under 12 years or 02 adults and 02 children under 12 years). 
 01 Extra bed is available per Room.  
4.4.2. Max no. of Guests Per Villa: 
02 adults & 02 children under 12 years per bedroom 
A surcharge is applied for additional children under 12 years. 
An extra bed is not available for villa properties except for villas at Vinpearl Luxury Nha Trang.  
4.4.              Exceptions: In special cases, (including, but not limited to, force majeure and renovations), Vinpearl reserves the right to relocate Guests to alternative accommodation of at least the same standard as the Room type reserved by the Guest/Partner as confirmed by Vipearl. 
4.5. Information Provided to a Hotel 
4.5.1. Information Provided Prior to Arrival 
a. On Reservation: The following information should be provided by a Guest/Partner on booking, in order to ensure the Hotel can provide the best services for Guests. 
- Guests information (name, date of birth, gender, ID card/Passport/Temporary Resident Card, nationality) and a Rooming List must be sent to Reservations at the relevant Hotel at least 07 days prior to arrival for FITs, and at least 14 days prior to arrival for Groups, (or shorter notice time as agreed by Vinpearl on a case-by-case basis). 
-  Flight information and expected arrival time sent to a Hotel at least 05 days prior to arrival whereby an airport pick-up service is requested. 
-  In case of the late provision of a Rooming List by a Guest/Partner, Vinpearl has the right to refuse preferential rates as provided by a Voucher, Booking Confirmation, agreement or contract signed between a Guest/Partner and Vinpearl. In this event, Vinpearl will charge standard rates on check-in, and the relevant Partner shall be responsible for any Guest claims as a result of the late provision of such information 
-  Depending on a reservation, Full-Board meals provided shall include: dinner on the arrival date, three meals per day on subsequent days and breakfast and lunch on the day of departure. Requests for meal plan changes, such as lunch on day of arrival, instead of departure, must be made with Reservations at least 05 days prior to arrival. Meal plan change only apply to Guests who check in before 13:00 PM and check out before lunch on day of departure. 
-  Other special requests such as Rooms on higher/lower floors and connecting rooms, for example, are subject to availability on check-in. 
b. Change to Information: 
(i)  Any changes to information regarding meal plans, additional services, etc must be conveyed to and confirmed by Vinpearl Reservations at least 05 days prior to a Guest arrival date. If the changes are not confirmed within this time, Vinpearl shall reserves the right to simultaneously take the following actions: 
-  Apply standard rates at check-in, with a Partner responsible for any Guest claims as a result of the late provision of information. 
-  Charge a surcharge to a Guest/Partner for any non-reserved additional Guests, (including children), as per standard Hotel rates at check-in. In the event a reservation is made by a Partner, that Partner shall be liable for any surcharges and Vinpearl reserves the right to deduct a surcharge from any payment made by a Partner to Vinpearl. 
(ii)  Vinpearl must be notified of any change of Guest information, (including name, date of birth, gender, ID card/Passport/Temporary Resident Card, nationaliy, etc.), at least (i) 01 day prior to arrival during low season; or (ii) 03 days prior to arrival during high season; or (iii) 07 days prior to arrival in peak season. In the event Guest information is changed or a Rooming List is submitted later than these times, the Guest/Partner will be charged a fee of VND 350,000 per amendment. 
4.5.2. Check-in Procedure 
a. Guests are required to present a valid ID card or passport and/or birth certificate for children as well as have their photo taken on check-in for registration purposes. Each Hotel keeps a copy of these documents. Whereby a Guest/Partner does not present a birth certificate for children checking in, that Guest/Partner is required to a validate a children’s age according to the following height chart: 
Height Age < 1m < 4 years  1m-1.4m 4-12 years  > 1.4m > 12 years  
b. By accepting to purchase and use Vinpearl services, Guests agree to permit Vinpearl to take a photocopy of their passport for safety and security purposes. Vinpearl is committed to not use/ provide a Guest photo to any third party, (that does not belong to Vingroup), for any purpose, except when requested by relevant government authorities or agreed by a Guest in advance. 
c. Guests are requested to make a deposit on check-in for the use of any additional services at the Hotel and/or possible damages caused by a Guest during their stay. This deposit will be returned to a Guest on check-out if no additional services are used and/or no damages the Hotel property are reports. The deposit can be made in cash or by debit card or credit card as follows: 
(i) Hotel room: VND1,000,000/room 
(ii) Villa: VND3,000,0000/room 
In case Guest refuses to make a deposit as provided above, Vinpearl has the right to refuse to provide services. In case reservation is made via Partner, Partner shall be responsible for making a deposit on Guest’s behalf if Guest fails to make that deposit at Vinpearl. If Guest or Partner fails to make a deposit as provided, Vinpearl can apply the No-Show policy and these General Terms shall be applied and charged accordingly. 
4.5.3. Airport Pick-up: 
a. A complimentary airport shuttle bus is available for Vinpearl resorts in Phu Quoc only;.  A complimentary car service is available for Vinpearl Luxury; a cancellation fee does not apply to complimentary airport transfer services. Where premium cars are provided, confirmation details are to be be provided by each Hotel. 
b. For private-car transfer bookings, the flight number and schedule must be provided to the Hotel at least 05 days prior to arrival so that the Hotel can arrange airport pick-up. The hotel must be notified of any changes or cancellation to this service at least three days (72 hours) prior to arrival. A cancellation fee will be charged for late notice. 
c. Guest Relation Officers welcome Guests at the airport at the Vinpearl desk in the Arrivals Hall. Guests are required to look out for signs with their names written on them or contact the welcome desk at the phone number provided in the booking confirmation. 
d. In the case of a complimentary return airport transfer, Guests are required to be present at the Hotel Lobby at least 15 minutes prior to departure. The complimentary 
shuttle bus shall depart for airport on time. Guests arriving after transport has already departed are liable to arrange an alternative mode of transport and pay for their own travel costs.  
4.6. Reservation contact information for each Hotel is provided in the Hotel information on the Vinpearl website. 

5.1.     Unless otherwise agreed in writing or payment by credit card or in cash, payment shall be directly made to following account:   
Bank name:  Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam (BIDV) – Khanh Hoa Branch 
Bank address:   No. 35, 2/4 Street, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam 
Account number:   6011 0000 643876 (VND) or  6011 0370 039187 (USD) 
Swift code: BIDVVNVX601 
5.2.   Content of transfer: (i) Name of Guest/Partners; (ii) Code of Reservation Request / Banquet Event Order ; (iii) Type of payment (deposit, payment …) 
5.3 Vinpearl reserves the right, (i) to change the aforementioned bank account; and/or (ii) change or supplement the payment procedure and inform a Guest/ Partner of such changes in advance in a written document or via a notice on the Vinpearl website. 

A Hotel reserves the right to carry out repairs, renovations and/or upgrades/preventative maintenance programs as it may deem fit, in order to maintain the condition of the Hotel. The decision to renovate/upgrade is at the sole discretion of the individual Hotel, but a prior notice by email/fax of commencement of any major renovation work, on a prolonged basis, that may affect Guest’ comfort, will be sent to Guests and/or Partners who have booked at that Hotel. 

Vinpearl, a Guest or a Partner shall not be liable for any delay or failure to perform any service contract/agreement, (excluding payment obligations), or the rights and obligations of either Party provided in the Terms & Conditions if the delay or failure is caused by force majeure. This includes, but is not limited to, floods, earthquakes, wars, fires, policy changes, government laws or other chance occurrence or unavoidable accident. 
7.1. The force majeure is entirely out of reasonable control or is not caused by the fault or negligence of any Party affected by it, and each Party has taken all possible necessary measures to prevent, correct or mitigate the damage or prevent a delay, interruption or suspension in the performance of obligations under this Agreement; 
7.2.  If within 03 days from the date of the force majeure, a Party affected by it fails to notify the other relevant Party of the details of the force majeure, measures taken to prevent and recover damages, tentative recovery plan and measures to resolve the problem. 

The Parties agree that any information related to the content and validity of a Contract shall not be disclosed to any third party. Such confidential obligations between the Parties shall survive even following the termination or expiration of such a Contract. 

These Terms & Conditions are governed by the laws of Vietnam.There shall, as a first recourse be an attempt to settle all disputes arising out of the request and use of services by a Guest/Partner, according to the Contract and Terms & Conditions through negotiation. In the event of the negotiation process failing, a dispute will be referred to the competent court in Vietnam according to the law within 30 days from the date of the dispute arising. 

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