RESTAURANTS & BARS Vietnamese and International culinary elite


Explore the wonders of the culinary world with Vinpearl stays; savouring an appetising array of local, regional and international cuisine with a delicious serving of classic and contemporary dishes from Vietnam, as well as Japan, Thailand, China and South Korea and from as far as Russia, the US, France and Italy.

Taste world-renowned Vietnamese classics, freshly prepared by incredibly talented, specialist chefs with 5-star experience. Indulge in fine-dining; al fresco tables by the seashore; and gourmet a la carte delicacies presented with culinary finesse; as well as family-friendly, kids’ and set menus too, plus intimate private dining experiences.


Choose a stay where you can salute the sunset each day with a poolside sundowner or a signature cocktail by the beach, with live music and a view that celebrates Vietnam’s innate natural beauty. Raise a toast at a city hotel sky bar or relax into a chilled-out lounge atmosphere at a Lobby bar or enjoy access to the relaxed comfort of a Club Lounge. 

ENJOY Luxurious resort space

EXPERIENCE With happy holidays!