VINPEARL General regulations

Vinpearl Rules & Regulations

To ensure the safety, comfort and wellbeing of all our guests and associates, as well as to create an enjoyable guest experience, Vinpearl kindly request that all guests, and any  visitors they may invite onto Vinpearl premises, comply with the following Vinpearl Rules & Regulations at all times during their stay. Failure to do so may result in reservations being cancelled, with no refund on bookings and/or incur a charge.

·         Pets are not permitted in any area of the hotel or resort, including outdoor grounds.

·         Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas only as well as on private guest balconies and terraces, in consideration of other guests.

·         Smoking in any part of the hotel area and grounds, including guest rooms is prohibited unless otherwise specified.

·         Room keys are to be handed-in at Reception on leaving the hotel premises and at check-out.

·         Courtesy is expected at all times in communal areas of the hotel as well as consideration for guests who may have special requirements, including pregnant women, young children, those with disabilities and elderly individuals.

·         Noise levels must be kept to a minimum after 10pm, particularly close to guest accommodations.

·         Children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

·         Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times in the swimming pool and around the pool area.

·         Vinpearl shall not be held responsible for any personal property that is lost, damaged or stolen through no fault of any associates or agents.

·         It is advised that valuables are kept in in-room safes or kept secure at Reception.

·         Electrical devices must be used in a responsible way for their intended purpose and must be switched off and unplugged before guests vacate their room.

·         Vacated rooms must be securely locked, and keys should not be in the possession of any individual who is not included in the booking details.

·         Cooking is strictly prohibited in all areas of the hotel, both indoors and outdoors, including guest balconies, terraces and rooms.

·         A request for instructions to use villa kitchens must be made to the Service Centre by dialling ‘1’.

·         Villa cookers are to be used for heating up foods only and are not to be used for frying, baking, boiling or toasting, or any activity that creates smoke, the risk of fire and/or an explosion and any strong odours.

·         Private BBQ requests for villa guests must be submitted to the Service Centre by dialling ‘1’ and are charged accordingly, with Vinpearl taking no responsibility for food safety and hygiene.

·         Consumption of outside foods and drinks are not permitted in the communal hotel areas and grounds and doing so may incur an additional charge.

·         Fresh durian fruit is not permitted to be brought onto hotel premises, including elevators and guest rooms.

·         Other foods with a strong odour are not permitted in guest rooms.

·         Bringing illegal substances, weapons, chemicals or explosives onto hotel premises is strictly forbidden and will lead to the immediate termination of a guest’s right to stay.

·         Illegal activities including gambling, prostitution or drug use are strictly prohibited within the hotel premises and will lead to the immediate termination of a guest’s right to stay.

·         Violent, hateful or aggressive behaviour of any type will not be tolerated and is strictly prohibited, leading to the immediate termination of a guest’s right to stay.

·         Certain in-room items will incur a charge if they are lost or damaged and guests are advised to review the list of chargeable items which can be found in their room.

·         Items of clothing, beach mats and towels must not be hung on balconies or in view of other guests such as in communal areas. Within guest rooms clothing and towels must be hung in the bathroom only.

·         Visitors are not permitted to stay in guest rooms after 8pm for security reasons unless they are registered at Reception and any additional charges are paid in accordance with the hotel regulations and individual guest’s booking details.

·         Use of the hotel swimming pool and pool facilities by guests later than 7pm is at their own risk, while use of private villa pools at any time is at their own risk. Guests are requested to refrain from using hotel pools after 10pm for their own safety.

·         It is strongly advised not to enter the sea after 7pm when security staff/lifeguards are not on duty. The hotel is not responsible for guest acts against safety.

·         Appropriate attire is required in communal areas at all times, particularly in the Lobby and hotel restaurant and bar. Nudity is forbidden for all ages, including young children.

·         Compliance with safety rules regarding vehicles moving within the hotel is required.

Vinpearl may implement certain procedures in accordance with the Vinpearl Rules & Regulations and reserves the right to request a guest vacates the hotel premises and suspend their booking, without any refund, should a guest intentionally ignore or violate the Vinpearl Rules & Regulations.

The Vinpearl Rules & Regulations may be amended or supplemented at any time at the discretion of Vinpearl, to improve service, safety and guest experience, without prior notice, as announced here.

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