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A. Introduction

  1. The below principles and regulations are provided for ensuring the safety, comfort, and protection of the interests of all our guests (“Guest”). These regulations will be strictly implemented by the management and staff of all Vinpearl hotels. We wish to create an enjoyable experience of our services, facilities and benefits for all Guests. In addition, the Guest is kindly requested to read,
    understand and comply with these regulations in order to receive the best experiences of our services.
  2. These General Regulations are subject to amendments and supplementation from time to time as decided by Vinpearl in order to improve the service quality and guests’ experiences, and are published on the official website of Vinpearl.

B. General Regulations

  1. No pets are allowed in the Hotel or Resort.
  2. Smoking is only permitted in designated smoking areas and / or balconies (after closing the door). Absolutely do not smoke in places that are not allowed and / or in rooms (except for smoking rooms). In case of violating this provision, visitors must pay compensation fee for deep recovery, deep cleaning, deodorizing equipment and equipment with the smell at 3,000,000 VND for per detection of smoking.
  3. Observe safety rules while traveling in transport vehicles in the hotel areas.
  4. Courtesy is expected at all times in common areas: First come first served; Give priority to pregnant women, people with disabilities, and the elderly; Do not shout or make noise; Avoid disrespectful behaviors such as putting your feet on the chairs; Manage your children in public areas.
  5. Please return the room key cards to the Receptionist up on check out (unless otherwise required by some Vinpearl hotels).
  6. It is advised that valuables are kept in in-room safes or kept secure at Reception. The Hotel shall not be held legally responsible for any personal valuable that is lost, damaged or stolen in case Guests do not comply with the regulations.
  7. Before Guests vacate their rooms, (i) electrical devices must be switched off and unplugged; (ii) vacated rooms must be securely locked, (iii) and keys should not be in the possession of any individual who is not included in the booking details.
  8. Cooking is strictly prohibited in guest rooms. Electrical devices must be used for their intended purposes.
  9. In Villas: A request for instructions to use villa kitchens must be made to the Service Centre by dialing ‘1’. The kitchen is to be used for heating up foods only. Any cooking methods that create smoke, strong odors or cause risks of fire and explosion in the Villa/ Apartment kitchen are strictly prohibited. Private BBQs in the garden, yard or within the Villa/ Apartment must be registered with the Service Centre by dialing ‘1’ and are charged accordingly, with the Hotel taking no responsibility for food safety and hygiene.
  10. Outside foods and drinks are not allowed in the Hotel, and violation will incur an additional charge of VND 1,175,000/ time. The Hotel will not be responsible for food safety and hygiene related to outside food brought into the Hotel.
  11. Fruits with strong odors (such as fresh durian) are not allowed in the Hotel.
  12. Bringing illegal substances, weapons, chemicals or explosives into hotel premises is strictly forbidden at all times.
  13. A number of in-room items will be charged to Guests if lost or broken. Kindly see the price list of chargeable items in the room.
  14. Illegal activities including gambling, prostitution or substance abuse are strictly prohibited in the Hotel.
  15. Laundry could only be hung in the guest bathrooms. Guests will be charged 70% of laundry service fee for each piece of laundry hung in the balconies and/or public areas.
  16. Kindly inform the Hotel in case you receive a visitor therein. For security reasons, visitors are not allowed in guest rooms after 20:00. If you wish to have your visitor in the guest room overnight, you must register with the Reception and pay the room fee according to the regulations of the Hotel.
  17. If using the swimming pool after 19:00, Guests must be responsible for their own health and personal safety without making any complaints against the Hotel. The Hotel will close the swimming pools at 22:00 to prevent accidents. Do not use the swimming pools after 22:00.
  18. The beach: No sea bathing after 19:00 when the security guards/ rescue workers are not on duty at the beach. Guests will be held totally accountable for their own health and personal safety without any complaints against the Hotel if they go bathing in the sea after this time.
  19. Dress properly in the public areas of the Hotel such as the lobby and restaurants. To show respect to those from other cultures, Guests, including children, must absolutely not be naked in public areas.
  20. Comply with other regulations provided by Vinpearl from time to time (if any).
  21. The Hotel Management may request Guests to leave the Hotel without having to return any payments if the Guests intentionally ignore and violate the regulations of the Hotel.
  22. Vinpearl will record the face image of the Guest upon registration using the Face Recognition Technology. When check-in process is completed, Guest then agrees that the image taken will be used by Vinpearl for all hotel transactions.
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