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Is a mother interested in treating her family to delicious food?
Is a husband understanding, and willing to share work with his wife?
Can a son or daughter make a meaningful meal for grandparents, parents?
Do you want to be a good girlfriend, or an ideal boyfriend?
Then this is how you can express love to relatives. When you join us at Vinpearl, take part in a cooking class, and experience how to put together a five-star dish right away.
Food is the shortest way to the heart. It must be delicious and attractive to win over a loved one. Studying at Vinpearl will be a culinary journey, taking you from the market to the kitchen, exchanging cooking tips with five-star chefs, getting cooking certificates and then enjoying the food at the restaurant.
At the beginning of the cooking class, visitors will head for Nha Trang’s Dam market, joining chefs from the Vinpearl resort directly as they guide fresh produce selection. Learn how to prepare food according to five-star standards and experience the process of cooking delicious meals at a high level.
Learning to cook is a challenge, as is deepening one’s cooking skills. Learning to cook new dishes, like reading a thick book, is a strange process, but under the guidance of these experienced chefs, cooking classes will become extremely interesting. Overcome your inhibitions, as you carefully trim each tomato and carrot to craft specialty dishes.
The lassroom space also contributes to the inspiration for creative food, and more ideas for the kitchen. The equipment is designed and arranged in a scientific manner, in accordance with five-star standards. Visitors can observe all the activities of the experienced chefs at Vinpearl from all corners, as well as having enough space to practice making their own dishes. A friendly team and comfortable cooking class space helps to break the ice, bring people closer together, forget the daily tedium of life and together conquer the peaks of taste in this food journey.
Anyone who wants to eat good food will be especially loved by the cook. Indeed, signing up for cooking classes is a great way to express your love and affection. The cooking class at Vinpearl is sure to create memories to last a lifetime for visitors. So son’t hesitate any longer!