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Sample the exotic flavours of China, with Vinpearl Nha Trang Resort’s top culinary experience! Come to Ocean Hill Nha Trang to enjoy not only the most stunning beach in the world but also the sophistication of Chinese cuisine.

Ocean Hill Nha Trang is the most beautiful and unique place on Hon Tre Island, with an epic sea view of Nha Trang Bay. This is home to one of the most wonderful beaches in the world, beautiful and poetic, where romance, charm and stunning scenery blend together. The sea is like a picture, with coconut cord and casuarina trees dotting a coast beset with green forests, warm sunshine and white sand. You will be here to savour the sea’s endless beauty and let its vastness seep into your mind. You are sure to treasure these memories for a lifetime. As far as destinations are concerned, this place has become a perfect resort area for Vietnam.

Embracing the wonderful ecosystem of Vinpearl Nha Trang, tourists must not miss a chance to also enjoy different types of cuisine from around the world, especially Chinese cuisine. With a country enjoying such a long tradition of traditional culture, people often refer to China as hotbed of world cuisine and Bach Giai restaurant at Vinpearl Nha Trang has used this inspiration to craft mouth-watering dishes.

Bach Giai Restaurant is a fine dining establishment of the highest international standards in Nha Trang, with a peerless menu honouring traditional cuisine, with chef Nguyen Van Khoi in charge. You will enjoy dishes prepared with styles from Beijing, Hong Kong dim sum or fresh seafood, which is found in abundance in Nha Trang at the guesthouse. Diners will enjoy fabulous Chinese cuisine in cozy luxury while taking in the breathtaking ocean view.

With a mission to provide our guests with the most authentic Chinese cuisine experience outside of China possible, as well as enjoying a fabulous experience overall, Vinpearl is at the forefront of customer service. Come join us at Ocean Hill Beach and enjoy Chinese cuisine in one of the most beautiful settings on the planet.

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