Spaces & Places

Cutting-Edge Technology

Vinpearl’s meeting rooms all have the most modern equipment, which meet all standards of a world-class meeting.

Breakout Spaces

With the breakout spaces, Vinpearl’s meeting rooms have capacity of up to thousands of people, which adapt all scales of meetings

Flexible Spaces

Meeting rooms have flexible space to adapt all themes and set up ideas or stages to organize events.

Small Meetings

Area of small meeting rooms varies from 50m2 to 400m2 to arrange seats flexibly.

Large Meetings

Area of large meeting rooms varies from 400m2 to more than 1200m2, which is suitable for large-scale events, conferences or gala dinner with capacity of up to thousands of people.


There is a spacious lobby with modern furniture. The luxurious business lounge and bar will meet all requirements of tea party and drinks.

Food & Drink

World Class Chefs

Professional and famous chefs will bring perfect and memorable parties.

Food Thoughtfully Sourced, Carefully Served

Various special Asian and European dishes made from fresh and delicious ingredients

Professional Service

Vinpearl’ staff are all well-trained, professional and dedicated.

Personalized Venue