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Off-season travel – a smart choice


00:53 - 01.05.2020

Up to now, we have always assumed that summer is the only season for travelling. This is the reason why every summer we see families packing up their bags and going on vacations. However, the overloading of tourist destinations during the peak season makes people switch to a new form of travel: off-season travel.

The amazing pros of off-season travel

When travelling during peak times, one of the most noticeable things is that all kinds of costs from train tickets, air tickets, to accommodation rentals are soaring. This will never happen if you travel in the low season. You will save a significant sum of money on transportation, accommodation and food. The best time for off-season travel is January, May and from late September to early December every year.

The second plus of off-season travel is that you will enjoy extremely good service, much better than that when travelling in the peak season. It is because most service providers are overloaded during peak season. Swarms of tourists flock to tourist destinations, which means the service quality cannot be as attentive as it is in the low season. Not to mention that when travelling off season, vacationers can book accommodation and tickets quickly and easily with many options offered. Moreover, being able to carry a suitcase on a vacation while everyone is busy working is really a great experience that might trigger jealousy!

In addition, when traveling in the off season, you will enjoy many promotions launched by hotels or airlines as a way to stimulate demand. If you are quick, there is a high opportunity that you can hunt down a few zero VND tickets (not including fee and taxes paid for the airport) in low season.

Many people who love travelling and exploring choose off-season travel because they will have the opportunity to experience and better understand the local life where they visit. They will have time meeting the locals, learn more about their culture and cuisine. It is almost difficult to get these experiences when travelling in peak season because the number of tourists flocking to one place is too crowded.

Choosing off-season travel is also a way to help you get a more multi-dimensional view of life. Why do you have to go to the beach in the summer or go to the mountain in the winter and not vice versa? Get a different feeling that a quiet deserted beach brings to you when the temperature drops. Going to the mountain on a summer day can help you avoid the heat. Your body will be relaxed by immersing in a cool autumn-like weather.

In addition, travelling in the low season will also avoid unfortunate incidents relating to transportation, facilities, electricity and water in the hotel because the number of tourists decreases significantly. Imagine how frightening it would be for a holiday where people were everywhere and traffic was always congested.



– Because off-season travel is often on occasions other than national holidays, you need to plan your trip as soon as possible. This not only helps you save quite a lot of expenses for accommodation and airline tickets but also gradually forms in you the habit of planning for future objectives and activities.

– Seize the promotion opportunities quickly, from air tickets to hotel booking vouchers. In low season, there are always many promotions available. If you follow the promotion announcement frequently and be quick, you can save your trip expenses from 20-40% compared to travelling in the peak season.

– Research the weather conditions carefully of a destination you would like to visit. The biggest reason making a place not popular among tourists is the weather. A bit of rain, a bit of wind, a little cold, a little heat, all are acceptable factors when travelling during off-season. However, if there are extreme weather phenomena such as storms, tornados, tsunamis, flash floods that happen in the destination you choose for your off-season vacation, you should immediately cancel your intention to go there during this time.

Finally, off-season travel will be the cheapest and funniest trip if you travel in large groups of 5-10 people because there are more promotions for group vacationers. Keep in mind that you will travel in a time when most of tourist places are quite deserted. If you travel alone or travel in couple, it is very easy to feel the boredom, you might yawn all day not knowing what to do.

Suggestions for ideal destinations in off season:

Hoi An in rainy season (September to November)

The deserted streets will get even quieter during the rainy season. The feeling of wandering under the rain in the old town filled with lanterns will give you a very different feeling about Hoi An. A bizarre choice for the summer for those who like challenges and aspire for new feelings. Don’t go alone unless you dare face your sadness.

Da Nang in spring (December to February)

With an average temperature of 18-23 degrees Celsius, Da Nang during this time immediately turns into a cool windy city. This weather is extremely ideal for newlyweds intending to go on their honeymoon. You can view the beautiful beaches, majestic mountains and enjoy the rich cuisine such as rice paper rolls with pork, goby rice pot and many more.

Phu Quoc in winter (October to December)

With cool temperatures, sparkling sun but not too bright, Phu Quoc deserves to be the perfect pearl island for your off-season travel options. Coming here, you can lie down to sunbathe, go scuba diving to see the coral reefs or take a scenic cruise.





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