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6 green travel trends receiving full support from the youth


6 green travel trends receiving full support from the youth


18:03 - 28.04.2020

In recent years, green travel has been receiving more and more support along with meaningful environmental protection activities that take place every day. The special thing about these days is not only the moments of utmost fun with your families and friends, but also the social values created in every place you set foot.

Following are 6 green travel trends receiving full support from the youth. This summer, if you have planned your travel don’t forget to share your effort to protect our Planet.




  1. Trashtag: Challenge of trash pickup at the tourist attractions

On March 5th, a Facebook account named Byron Román started the movement by giving the young people a new challenge to pass. It’s an environmental activity to clean up trash and embellish the landscape in your living or travelling areas. Take before/ after photos and then challenge other friends on the social networks to do the same. This helps to prolong the meaningful work. Instantly, Byron Román’s photos became a hit with 87,000 likes and 290,000 shares which made an extreme wave with a hashtag #ChallengeForChange.

Trashtag quickly becoming the hottest trend in the first half of 2019.


In Vietnam, the young people have been concerned about this challenge and activated their own cleanup journeys in many places all over the country. Also, at the beginning of March, 2019, trash hunter called Lekima Hùng with his coastal journey of 7,000km from Hanoi to Binh Thuan (Vietnam) created real miracles. Lekima Hùng cleaned up trash including nylon bags, plastic bottles, domestic waste and even clothes floating in the sea and canals that covered sheets of sand. Such as in the coastal area of Chi Cong commune, Tuy Phong district, Binh Thuan province and the canal area from Ke bridge to Thuy Loi bridge in Dong Anh, Hanoi.

The challenge of Lekima Hùng in Binh Thuan inspiring many Vietnamese young people. @Lekima Hùng

Groups of young people picked up trash, cleaned up the environment and embellished the landscape in Son Tra peninsula, Ly Son island, Da Lat, Nha Trang and many districts in Hanoi, HCMC.

Giving back Da Lat the clear and dreamy scene. @chuabuuda

Cleanup for the floodplain of Red River.


2. Limiting the use of plastic products during the journeys

The challenge of not using the plastic products in the modern life is not easy but it does not mean impossible. In present journeys, the sense of green travel is being more and more supported by reducing plastic waste and using things made from recycled or eco-materials. .

Zero waste tips being actively shared these days. @Youtube: Exploreing Alternatives

Not only applying this themselves, the youth also have propagation in the community, enhancing the people’s perception of environmental protection in any place they travel.

You are enjoying your journey while pervading the environmental protection message.

Accompanying with cloth bags, stainless steel bottles, cutlery and drinking straws has been becoming a habit of the tourists.


  1. Travelling in farming style

This form is not new but the trend has never cooled down. This could be promoted if both the ones who work in tourism and travellers love the environment. Particularly in Vietnam, in the recent years, gardens of strawberries, flowers, tropical and temperate fruits, premises of growing mulberries and raising silkworms, processing coconuts or veg gardens have been becoming interesting destinations. The green travel in garden style is one of the biggest crushes for the foreign tourists.

Learning about the process of organic garden. @VinEco

Choosing this form the tourists hope to look for a simple, rustic and peaceful space for their short weekend holidays. For the foreign tourists, it’s one of the closest and most friendly ways to discover nature, people and culture.

Participating in cooking classes and learning about pure Vietnamese food culture. @Vinpearl

If visiting the coastal area you will get experience of the fishermen sailing and fishing at night. If visiting the mountainous area you will do slash-and-burn, grow mulberries, raise silkworms and learn to weave brocades with the farmers. If you prefer the more soothing and entertaining activities you may head to the fruit gardens, organic vegetables, and flowers so that you could have fun and learn to cultivate with incredibly fantastic photos.

The Korean kids love discovering organic fruit and veg @VinEco

  1. Cycling through Vietnam, experience travelling in your own way

Literally green travel, no smoke and dust, good for your health and experience in your own way. Are you ready for this hard but amazing discovery journey?

Many travellers cycle through Vietnam, even from this country to the others on their iron horse with a compact backpack. In each destination they have sightseeing and volunteer work that benefit the society or at least create the momentum and inspiration for the youth. After each journey, the most noteworthy thing is the treasure of cultural knowledge, memories of beautiful scenes, people and especially their own visible maturity.

Student Nguyễn Chí Trung Thành (University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City) cycling 5,000km through Vietnam to celebrate his 19th birthday in 2017. @Nguyễn Chí Trung Thành

However, for a perfect journey you must combine many important things. Regarding physical shape as a prerequisite, you must practice in order to increase the strength and endurance for cycling a long-way before the journey. Basic travelling skills includes map-reading, tent pitching, weather checking and information collecting on the places you are going to visit. Furthermore, preparation of belongings that should be compact and lightly packed but still meet all basic demands is not an easy thing.

The travellers cycling-through-Vietnam at a lightning speed: Nguyễn Văn Sơn (1970), Hải Phùng (1963), Ngọc Sơn (1974), Phan Anh Tuan (1972) and Nguyễn Tiến Hùng (1968) at the Km0 historical site of Ho Chi Minh Trail. Together they finished their impressive cycling journey through Vietnam following Ho Chi Minh Trail. @Collection

Charlie Walker, 27 years old who lives in Bowerchalke town, Wiltshire County, England, spent 1,606 days cycling through 3 continents and 61 nations on his old bike named Old Geoff. This is a figure so admired by the young people all over the world.

Charlie Walker wanted to cycle because bikes are the cheap and slow means of transport. Due to nature, he had a journey of a lifetime with times of cycling through rough terrains, being captured at the frontier, being chased by elephants, surviving after storms or his bike breaking. However, the beautiful scenes in different places that are shot by Charlie Walker are countless and priceless.


  1. Marathon for public health

As one of the green travel trends, exercising while travelling is so popular these days. Running races are held in places famous for beautiful scenery, limit breaks, major achievements, efforts and desires that make you fidgety even though you don’t like exercising. This is an unconventional form of tourism that helps to advertise scenic areas and cultures and motivate athletic movements in the community with the self-practicing sports.

It seems that you are empowered with invisible energy to finish the running trail so spectacularly that you can not believe while joining in the stream of runners. @Dalat Ultra Trail

Marathon races are being held professionally with necessary tools for runners and long or short distances suitable for the runners’ ability. After all, regardless of professionalism, age and gender, running or jogging, no matter what you reach the finish is the limit-breaking spirit of the races. Just enroll your name into a certain race in your favourite place and experience this kind of journey at least once in a lifetime!

The trails in the middle of nature bringing a source of positive inspiration.

  1. Teaching poor children while travelling

Teaching while travelling is likened to a spiritual form of green travel. This is not a new trend but giving knowledge to the local children always brings nice values, especially from the ones who frequently travel for days. Many young people choose to sow such valuable seeds in each country or place they visit. Particularly in the highlands where the children’s living and schooling conditions remain challenging.

Slogan The world is your classroom being scaled up everywhere. @travelteacher

Many young people voluntarily create a volunteer travelling group with intense operation especially in summers. @Collection

Besides, some young people choose to teach foreign languages in the nations they travel. This is an amazing form that helps them to give foreign languages to the community while exchanging cultures with the locals and earning some travelling cost for their next journey. If applying to teach foreign languages in the language centres, you also need to pay attention to your period of staying, language level to ensure your teaching for students.

Talking with the natives considered as the fastest way of learning foreign languages. @englishplus

Source: Traveloka

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