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4 Famous Ancient Villages to Visit in Thanh Hoa


4 Famous Ancient Villages to Visit in Thanh Hoa


14:29 - 29.04.2020

In Vietnamese culture, the village is the place where the familiar and essential traditions are kept. When travelling to the city of Thanh Hoa, don’t miss out on the chance to visit these ancient villages while experiencing the peaceful atmosphere of life in the countryside of Vietnam. From Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa, centrally located in the heart of the city, you can easily visit the following renowned villages with their own special characteristics.

1. Dong Son Village one of the most beautiful hundred-year-old villages in Vietnam

Dubbed one of the 10 most beautiful villages in Vietnam, the ancient village of Dong Son is directly linked to the Bronze Age culture of ancient Vietnam.

Nestled in a small valley on the southern bank of the poetic Ma River, it only takes about 20 minutes to reach the lovely Dong Son Village from Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa. For history enthusiasts, keep in mind that Dong Son is after all a famous archaeological sites full of artifacts, so take advantage of this ideal opportunity to learn about the local history and culture through the national relics of the Le Uy – Tran Khat Cham Temple, Dong Son archaeological findings, the remnants of Dong Son Pagoda, or the over 200-year-old ancient house of Luong Trong Due’s family.

One of the most ancient houses in Dong Son village. Photo credit: Baothanhhoa

With a perfect harmonious combination of colors: green trees, blue sky combined with the brown color emanating from the mossy old houses, this village is such a perfect “escape spot” for those who seek for a tranquil beauty of local scenery.

2. Quang Xa Village an ancient village in the heart of the city

The moment you arrive to the ancient village of Quang Xa, you will be immersed in a completely different world, despite being in the middle of Thanh Hoa City. This visit will transport you to a typical village of northern Vietnam with its 150-year-old communal house, representing the quintessential spirit of a Vietnamese village.

Not only can it be seen in the elaborate village gate, but the roofs of each house, market or wall exudes the vibrant ancient architecture of Vietnam the ornate designs throughout this village are evident of its historical prosperity due to pottery production and wine making.

At an over-hundred-year-old family house in Quang Xa village. Photo credit: Baothanhhoa

Quang Xa Village is only 5 km from Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa, making it very convenient for bikers who love to get lost in the lush greenery of a village.

3. Co Dinh Village where the ancient language is still spoken

Tucked into the foot of Nua Mountain, Co Dinh Village is where you can experience the diversity of the Vietnamese language, a place where villagers still greet each other in a unique ancient language with specific vocabulary that has remained intact for thousands of years. Even though use of this language has decreased among the younger generation, these special terms are still spoken by the older generation.

Co Dinh Village (

Co Dinh Village is located 20 km west of Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa. Besides visiting the village gate and admiring the charming scenery, you can also visit several famous temples such as the Am Tien and Nua temples, and perhaps, learn a few words of the local dialect that are unknown to millions of Vietnamese (through your translator/guide, of course!).


4. Che Dong Village – traditional bronze casting village

To reach the village of Che Dong, located 14 km north of Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa, you can go by motorbike or grab a taxi.

Traditional bronze casting in Che Dong Village, Thieu Hoa District dates back to the 17th century and has been recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage. Especially, Che Dong Village is where the world’s largest Ngoc Lu bronze drum was created, weighing 8 tons at 2 meters tall.

Throughout thousands of years of history, Che Dong has been home to the most talented artisans who have continued to create many sophisticated items that preserve the soul of Vietnamese culture from bronze drums and bronze gongs to altar items such as censers, glass objects and more.

Che Dong village is known for its Ngoc Lu drum. Photo credit: Baotainguyenmoitruong

Not as busy as a touristic village, Che Dong is a lovely crafting village and the best representation of life in Vietnam’s countryside to visit!

Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa situated on the main road Tran Phu in the city centre.

After visiting these ancient villages, it is hard to resist the lure of Thanh Hoa province. Wether it is a long or daily trip, don’t forget to pass by Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa for a taste of local food. Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa is located on the main street of the city’s administrative office area. The hotel has 5 restaurants and bars with 360-degree view of the vibrant city. Here, you can enjoy full of local specialties such as grilled chopped shrimp, fermented pork roll, seafood from Sam Son beach and Hai Tien beach .. In addition, buffet menu always serves European and Asian dishes from the master chefs of Vinpearl 5 star Hotel Chain.

Vinpearl Hotel Thanh Hoa : 27 Tran Phu Street, Dien Bien ward, Thanh Hoa City

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