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12:33 - 29.04.2020

Team building trips are considered a new travel trend designed with fun games to engage company members. Is your company planning a trip this year? Check out this article to have a refreshing holiday!


Team building tours are considered a new travel trend for groups of businesses and organisations with a scale of up to a few dozen and even a hundred people. Although this travel type just emerged a few years ago, it is getting more popular, especially in the context of company’s increasing demand for nurturing and improving team spirit of its employees.

Many people think that Team Building Tour is simply a picnic or adventure travel combining physical training. Although this type of tourism was originally included in the vacation package only, after a long time of implementation, many companies and organisations realised that Team building trip was much more meaningful than that.

This tour is a highly team-based program designed to bring employees together to accomplish a common goal, a project or any task in a professional and unique way, which then creates a bond among team members. Therefore, team building travel tours are increasingly attracting a lot of tourist groups.


Benefits of Team Building trips to corporate



Most of the games are divided into groups of participants. The members will tend to be more concerned about the final results rather than the individual recognition, therefore, every team member must try to cooperate well with one another to win the game for their team. That, plus the comfort of being on a vacation will help employees understand the importance of team work more easily.


Understand your colleagues

Members of each team might not work in the same department of the company or they might be but rarely have the opportunity to work together. The meaning of team building trip is to create opportunities for them to communicate with each other more easily and effectively.


Increase employee’s adaptability

Games designed in a fast pace will create many unexpected situations that help improving the forecast ability, risk prevention as well as the skills to respond and handle situations of participants.

Teamwork spirit

Through the games, each person’s strengths and weaknesses will be revealed. From which, they will find ways to complement and coordinate with one another to improve their work performance.

At the same time, each member has the opportunity to practice in a team leader role by planning, organizing, assigning tasks, arranging other members and resources to guide the team to reach a common goal.


Discover new talents

Sometimes, the office environment cannot reveal all of the talents and special characteristics of each employee. Participating in team building trips unknowingly makes it easy for employees to show off their own talents that can’t be seen on a regular basis. Talents such as the ability to observe and take chances, sense of humour and their ability to master the game.

Steps to organize Team Building trip

The organisation of the team building programme must be as effective as organiser’s wish. If you are assigned to organize a teambuilding trip for your company, what would you do? Here are 6 steps to organize a successful team building trip:


Step 1: Determine the goals of the board of leaders and find out employee opinions

To answer the question Why Team Building trip should be organised?, you need to determine the goals of the trip. At the same time, to avoid the situation where some members enjoy playing while others do not engage, instead of actively campaigning or forcing them to join, you should learn the psychology of the members to understand what they need and want from the game.


Step 2: Choose an appropriate location

Before making the plan, you should choose an appropriate location for the trip based on the company’s conditions and the needs of the employees.


Step 3: Develop the scripts and game sets that align with the leader’s goals

All of the programme activities need to be connected by a specific and consistent script. A teambuilding trip needs a concept and theme from which you will easily develop contents, games, decorations and makeup. Follow a certain concept and theme to make an impression and attract people to join.


Step 4: Estimating costs and risk prevention measures

Cost estimation will help you calculate appropriate expenses. The plan will be carried out smoothly if you have measures to prevent risks. For example because of bad weather, you have to organise teambuilding game indoors or when a game fails because of lack of equipment, you must have an alternative game.


Step 5: Preparations and implementation

Prepare for a fascinating Team Building playground with colorful banners, sl

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